eternal return

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eternal return

sound design & compose music for ‘eternal return’ by acci baba.
acoustic drum by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.

‘eternal return’ is an installation & film artwork conveying a immortal message to mankind to provoke a sense of obligation for the time being. The verse is spoken by an ape represented as an artificial intelligence, speaking out Nietzsche’s philosophical context of ‘superman (übermenschen)’. The film version of this work is mounted on a NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx to be launched in September 2016, where it will stay in space for millennia.


インスタレーション・映像作品 ‘eternal return’ のサウンドデザインと作曲を担当しました。
>> 詳細 –
>> acoustic Drum by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.

‘eternal return’ は2016年9月に発射されるNASAの宇宙船OSIRIS-RExに搭載され、



eternal return / . – . .-. -. .- .-.. .-. . – ..- .-. -.

This film work will be on board NASA's spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex scheduled to launch on September 8th, 2016, staying in space for millenia.


Concept/Art/Film: Acci Baba (JP),
Sound Design & Music: sub-tle. (JP),
Acoustic Drum: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (IR),
Assistant of Photography: Anthony Salamin (CH),
Production support: Day O Productions, Graffit,LLC

—-Description of the work——

‘eternal return’ conveys a immortal message to mankind to provoke a sense of obligation for the time being.

The artwork has been articulated in a short film based on the actual installation artwork created by Acci Baba. The caption is cited from Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, where Zarathustra speaks out the context of ‘superman’. In the film, the verse is spoken by an ape inside a TV represented as an artificial intelligence derived from our technological development.

The artwork was realized using an abandoned cathode ray tube TV found on street. By refurbishing, the rubbish returned its life to be used as another purpose. The ape has been displayed in the TV using 3D animation technique, allowing it to speak out verses freely. The artwork plots a question through an ape to indicate our accelerating materialism in our system without the true means of continuum. In order to provide a multidimensional perspective, the artwork metaphorically expresses corresponding elements such as; material and spirit, past and future, beginning and end, devolution and evolution.

The ape is often used as a common icon to resemble our beliefs and intelligence. Hanuman from the ancient India, Sarutahiko from old Shintoism, symbol of Three Wise Monkeys from ancient civilizations. In the Kubrick’s '2001: A Space Odyssey' the ape discovers the usage of tools underlying the birth of our technological era. First ever primate to be out into space was a monkey to investigate the biological effects of space travel. The artwork pays homage toward historically used symbolism and confronts today’s subjects through Nietzsche’s philosophical concepts.

‘eternal return’ gives a moment to think over our behavior and the system that amplifies the endless ego. It concludes its purpose by creating ironic connections between artificial intelligence and the viewer, questioning the zeitgeist in these times of a rapidly shifting paradigms.


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Deeply appreciate what i know and what i didn’t know.

Wish your wonderful 2016, wonderful life and wonderful future.

i wish your wonderful world.



film & artwork: Acci Baba
sound design: sub-tle.
music: Louis Armstrong – ‘what a wonderful world’
lyrics: G.P.Weiss & G.Douglas


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先日(3/15 六本木・新世界)ライヴのこととか。
放送の中で質問のあった『ram of lv』の読み方は、『ラム オブ ラヴ』です。


持田香織 + 宇崎竜童 – サッポロ ドラフトワンCM

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持田香織 + 宇崎竜童によるサッポロ・ドラフトワンCM楽曲の

年明けからSPENCERの大谷友介と sub-tle. の denkprozess. studio での怒濤作業。
(レコーディングは一部、Guy SternbergのLowSwingStudioも使いました。)


mochida recording

mochida recording

mochida recording

mochida recording

mochida recording

mochida recording

mochida recording

mochida recording


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ちょっと前になりますが、SPENCERの大谷友介さん(a.k.a. Polaris / ohana)のiRadioにゲストとして出演させて頂きました。

* iphoneアプリでもお聴き頂けます。





sub-tle. appear in the japanese radio.
you might listen from here.
unfortunately, it’s only in japanese.
yes, let’s learn it !

podcast _ sub-tle. live

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sub-tle. live_madame claude

3月22日に公開されたPodcast『Uraniwa Sounds Berlin vol.27b』内にて、3月1日の madame claude でのライブのダイジェスト版が紹介されています。
(紹介される前にも、27:20 – からBGMとしてこっそり流れてます。)

↓ 下記リンクよりどうぞ。↓
Uraniwa Sounds Berlin vol.27b


sub-tle. live performance was broadcast in digest form @ the podcast “Uraniwa Sounds Berlin” episode – vol.27b. [ * sorry, the contents are japanese only.]
you might listen the sound from gig on madame claude (approx. 27:20 ~ until the end).

↓ you could download from the link below ↓
Uraniwa Sounds Berlin vol.27b

* Uraniwa Sounds Berlin の iTunes STOREでの試聴は、下記ボタンからどうぞ。

* 下記RSSアイコンをiTunesの中へドラッグ&ドロップすると、
Uraniwa Sounds Berlin 最新号やアーカイブを自動でチェックできます。


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ZDF theaterkanal broadcasts “Düsseldorf – mon amour”, the music from ‘sub-tle.’ .
now episode 2 is broadcasting.
::: Details
Schedule :
Do, 04.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
Di, 09.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
Mo, 15.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
So, 28.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
If you are in Europe, you might see on the Internet-TV as well.
::: Zattoo

ドイツ国営放送 ZDF theaterkanal にて、サヴトレが音楽を担当した“Düsseldorf – mon amour” の、エピソード2が公開されています。
::: 詳細はこちら
放送スケジュール :
Do, 04.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
Di, 09.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
Mo, 15.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
So, 28.12.2008 21:10 Uhr(30 min.)
::: Zattoo

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